Monday, December 12, 2011

To Straighten or not to straighten- That Is THE question.

So the other day I came across a photo that I have of myself from 6 years ago. I was horrified. I am a hairdresser. I pride myself in my work and I try to look good most times (even though I am sitting here in my fuzzy slippers and my PJ's writing this.) I had to do a double take because the picture of me was  really bad. Earlier on that year I was growing out my hair and I made a decision that would change my hair for the next 2 years. I let a person who will remain nameless talk me into straightening my natural curly hair. A person who has straight and super fine hair I might add. It was going to change my life- make it easier to work with and easier to do.

The day came that I was to get it done and there was a buzz in the salon. The crazy ,curly haired stylist was going to have a metamorphosis right before our very eyes. I was excited too, and deep down I hoped that it would work but somewhere a tickle of doubt was there. First was the blowing out then the straightening. Then the product was added. Combing, combing,combing and as this was going on my hair was snagging on the comb and I inwardly started cringing.When it was all said and done I had shiny hair that was straight, but I knew that it would start to grow then what???

There are so many products on the market right now that have been straightening hair for years. The scary thing is that there is a common thread to all these products which is formaldehyde. The product has been linked to cancer. There was a great article written about it all. Read it and see what you think 
Here is the link:
 An interesting BUT scary read. In the age of Cancer touching all of our lives in one way or another- why are so many woman clamouring to salon to get these products on their scalp and hair??

So back to my story: The point of this story is, my hair looked great for about 3 weeks until
the roots started showing. Then I had curly roots and fuzzy ends. My hair never really was straight. If someone spit close to me my hair would start to frizz. If the humidity was up the day it would reach higher into the air and if it started raining I would freak out. I had become one of those high maintenance women that I swore I would never become. I was constantly curling my hair with a curling iron and flat irioning the roots. It was horrible. I hated it.

This was the start of cutting and starting over
. Growing out my hair and having my curls back.
 Do I wish sometimes that my hair could flow in the wind?
 Hell yeah but My hair is me.
 Its my signature.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Winter Trauma for Curly hair

So this is it, another Fall has past and we are in the up and downs of the Thermometer. Before we know it we as Canadians will be going through the Winter freeze. For some that means rain, and for some that means snow and cooler temperature but for Saskatchewanians this means - 40 degrees C with a windchill of
-50 degrees C. OK now I am depressed, does anyone want to take their favorite hairdresser on a warm holiday??

A question was asked of me the other day, "What do you do about your hair in the Winter?" For Straight hair folks it slap on a hat or toque and out the door. For me and fellow curly folks its a BIG issue. As a child I would choose having frost bitten ears than wearing a hat. It was all about looking cool ( literally) and keeping the hair just right. Now that I have grown older and hopefully smarter I am making choices to save my ears and still have great hair.

The head band The headband is a favourite of mine.
It protects the ears but keeps the hair untouched.

This look is for the windchill days,
the face is mostly protected and
the hair is relatively untouched.

Headband & Loose Large neck warmer

This look is for those, "You are going to die in under 10 minutes," days.These are the days when flesh freezes and you are wondering why your parents are not Mexican or you start questioning Global warming. Its not a pretty look but it does what it need to do which is NO hat head but you are protected. The following pic it a fashion hat the received for a Christmas Present. I love it and when I am dressed up and going out this is my pick for warmth and cuteness. The choices sometimes will not get me on the cover of InStyle but I am warm. How about you?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Be Kind To Your Hair

I have had several weeks to process my trip to New York. I decided that after coming across DevaCurl products, I need to make the leap to go for some Education.

 DevaCurl has a unique approach to cutting a styling curly hair. I knew that I need to go to learn their approach.

Curly hair can not be compared to hair that is Straight. Right from what the hair shaft looks like under a microscope to how it grows out from the head. Note the above picture and see that even the shape is oval compared to the straight hair shaft. A little Biology doesn't hurt anyone, Right?

Anyways, that and knowing my own quest to finding the perfect product for my type of hair was like searching for the Holy Grail. Until, DevaCurl. So off to New York I go...I will skip all the drama that is leading up to a trip. If you are a Mother and a Wife their are hurdles that you have to jump through order to "Go".

The 3 days that I was in training I was immersed into the concept and then the "doing of the Training.
We would learn the Products, we would go use the products. We would learn a Cut we would go do a Cut.
Colouring and then styling are completely different to what I have been doing for the past 20 years. Each day was exciting and exhausting at the same time
  In simple terms the education is this: Curly hair is NOT the same as Straight hair. We should no longer cut curly hair wet and "straight" we nrrd to cut it dry and cut the curl where it lives. Do we wet down out trees when we are about to trim them? Do we pull all the branches down and cut a straight line?
The answer is no, we cut the tree where each branch lives creating a balanced look.
It is the same with curly hair. Its so simple and Brilliant and the same time. 
Friends, Family and clients have all asked me how my trip was.
 My answer is,"Life changing."
2 words, but when spoken with sincerity are very powerful.

I feel renewed and refreshed in being a hairstylist. I have a different approach now to each and every haircut that I do. Stepping out of  my comfort zone and learning new techniques is challenging, but rewarding.
Whether you are a Curly or straight haired person, this DevaCur lis for you.
It will look after you hair in the most gentle way.
If you are a Hair stylist, reading these words. I challenge you to not believe everything that Companies tell you. Get to know what is in the product that you use a sell. Start asking questions, figure out the answers.
DevaCurl is a forward thinking company with high standards in educating their fellow hairdressers.
They are changing the face of the Hairdressing Industry, One Curl at a time.

Be kind to you hair.

For more information go to

To find a Stylist that has taken time out of their life to join the Curl Revolution
Click here

By the way, You will find me there. Salon 343

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Parking Lot Haircut

Well there is a first time for everything..
Walking, riding a bike, baking your first cake, your first love
A haircut in a parking lot.

Lets back up a little. I had a job interview in Regina, SK last week. I was driving there to meet
with a Stylist that works with DevaCurl.. I have not had an interview in about 20 years,
but strangely I was not nervous. I did all the thing that a Hairstylist would do to get ready. I put on a comfortable but stylish outfit. Washed and styled my hair. Organized my portfolio and printed off another resume. I even made sure to be at the spot where I agreed to meet this man half an hour early. All was well.or so I thought.
When I met Cal Ellis,one of the first things he said to me was,"Boy I sure would love to cut your hair."
I have been growing out my hair for about 2 1/2 years. when dry it sits at my shoulders but if it is wet and the curl is pulled out its another 7 inches longer. Curly hair people have to grow there hair out twice as long to have somewhat long hair. My hair was pretty much all one length and heavy and triangle like in shape.
Triangles I love in other situations but to wear it on your head its really not the best.
Without really having knowledge in DevaCurl cutting I did not know what to do. I have done what has been taught to me over the years.....

It all changed in the parking lots of the Hotel in Regina. After the interview Cal was trying to show and to explain to me how my hair should be cut. I was understanding a little but really not sure how the haircut was to be explained to my husband. The next thing I knew I was following Cal outside. It was windy but we found a wall that blocked the wind somewhat. The cape was placed  on my shouldewrs and then Cal started cutting. Snip, snap, snip, snip.
Red, curls were rolling across the parking lot like tumble weeds across the Prairies.

I let out a giggle as some old man stood from afar, chewing on a toothpick watching us. A couple walked by and 5 minutes later the man had to come back to ask what we were doing. No matter what was happening Cal snipped and cut and snipped again. I could feel my hair go from feeling heavy and geometric, to a sexy swing feel. I could see shadows on the wall and got excited. Instead of my hair being a mass of red, curly hair, it was beautiful and complimented my face. Transformation was happening even as the truck that  I stood by slowly pulled out of the parking stall. My platforms made me too tall for Cal, and he asked my to squat down so that he could reach the top layers.I have to say that was un-comfortable, but I did not complain. This man who charges $145 in the salon was cutting my hair happily and without asking me to pay. A gift given in the strangest place.

I am learning after fighting with my curls for 42 years now, its OK to have masses of curl. I need too embrace it and feel beautiful with what I have. For years I yearned for Charlies Angels hair...long, flowing, and perfectly straight. I have had friends tell me that my hair looked like crap and that I needed to do "something" with my mess. I am NOT a size 2, I do NOT have blonde hair. I am me, pale skin, freckles, hour glass figure,(no I will not tell you what size I wear) and natural ,curly hair that makes me feel sexy.
So take that Farrah Fawcett.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Better Than Sliced Bread

Some would say that the invention of the wheel was good for man.
" Better than sliced bread" I am sure we have all said that at one time or another.
I have come across a new product that my son mockingly says,"Its changed her life."
It true, it has changed my life.

My hair has been the pane of my existence.
"Its too fluffy"
"It has no style"
"You need to do something with that hair"
"You should straighten it, then it would look better"
"You are so lucky", which when told to me I felt more like cursed.
I would stand at the mirror and try to comb my hair straight, and just when
I thought it was looking straight, my mom would come up behind me
and fluff it into curls again

2 weeks ago I come across an article about DevaCurl. I read about the founder
Lorraine Massey ( who has hair Just like me) who has started an entire "curl movement"
She is a co-owner of 3 salons one of which is in  trendy district of SoHo, called Devachan Salon.
The line is the one and only line for curly girls and guys everywhere!
The Deva line has removed the POO out of shampoo. Sulfates and surfactants which give shampoos lather are the very reason why my hair has looked so horrible my whole life. These detergents are no good for any hair but for curly hair it is a disaster. Curly hair is so porous that sucks in the detergents like a sponge and it doesn't fully rinse out.

After using the line for 2 weeks i can't live without it. Just this weekend, my family and I went out of town. I sadly realized that my Deva line was left at home. I demanded that no matter what, I need to go and buy some bottles of Deva just to get me through the weekend. There was a noticeable difference when I grabbed the Heaven in Hair which is a deep moisture treatment, rubbed it into my hands and then placed it into my hair. "Wow, Mommy, you does look better," my son declared. All jokes aside; it has changed my life.

I am starting a DevaCurl Revolution in Saskatoon. Want to join me?
For all info about DevaCurl go to

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Well it has been several months since I have written a single word. It's not that I had nothing to say but just too busy with life to sit and write. I love to write so why do I put it last on my list I thing to do? OK,You don't have to answer that.

Fashion and concerts are and interesting thing to watch and comment on. I have been a lover of people watching and put that together with a passion for concert going and you have full entertainment. I am thinking of June when my husband and I took our boys to the U2 360• tour in Edmonton, Alberta. It was interesting on a transportation thought. at one point of the trip,2 of us were on a train, one on an airplane and one in a car but we all got to the concert. ( kind of like Trans, Planes and Automobiles) What I noticed as a sat down to get ready to see my favorite group was the audience...just scanning the crowd people watching with my dark shades on.
For all you women out there.Why do we pick the high heeled shoes that are killing us within the first 2 minutes of wearing them to stand, walk and climb concrete stairs in? What the heck are we thinking? Really does the other 30 thousand people care if we are watching in the latest shoes for the season? NO

Then there is the men and women that are stuck in the 80's. Hair and makeup larger than life, but the real kicker is when the concert starts the muscle shirt and the leather tassel bracelets come out and the rock and roll finger is in the air for the duration of the concert. It doesn't seem to matter that they are way past the age to be wearing those outfits.

Then there is the guy that looks like a farmer would from small town Saskatchewan in the late '70s. He will be wearing the Green and white John Deere cap, mirror sunglasses and a check shirt with snap buttons. This the same look that I would giggle at when I was a small child. I am sure that it still is not a good look.

Then there is the group of guys with their women who are wearing football jerseys. When you see then you hope that they are at the right thing. The concert is about to start and are they wondering if they are looking for cheerleaders and a football team. Strange.

Then there is my kind of crowd, comfortable cloths, running shoes and enough jackets for any type of weather. The girls in front even had a bag of homemade cookies to share with each other. I loved that by the way. Gone are the days when I think I need to impress others. I was there for me and my family and that is it.

There times when you want to look you very best- weddings, speaking in front of groups, social outings, the list could go on and on. Standing at a concert for hours on end is really no one of them.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Something in Common

I had a client the other evening that  I  felt akin to.
Why?? she had the same experiences as me.
We both have naturally curly hair. As a hairdresser I found myself a victim
to what is "in" and not what was right for my hair.

As a teenager I spent most of my time is the swimming pool so keeping
my hair short was out of convenience not what was in. The shorter the better because I needed it that way.
The chlorine makes your hair look like "Barbie Doll Hair". This description will remind girls mostly that the hair feel UN-natural, coated and weirdly shinny. Most hairdresser will mention too, that this type of hair is hard to cut because the wet hair seems to bend around the scissors instead of being cut.

In my late 30's I let people talk me into getting my hair straightened. This in turn cause me to become
weirdly freaked out about my hair. I was always fussing with it and found that is it was raining my hair would look more pubic hair than anything else. Sorry to be so frank but that is what it would look like.
In short I hated it.

I have never fussed with my hair, it is what it is, Wild, crazy, Medusa like, or what I like to refer it is somewhat like Bo-Bo the clown. Its out of control, its unlike most people around me BUT its my hair.
When its straightened, it hurts at the roots and I freak out when I look in the mirror because its not me.

As I cut this client's hair we chatted about our feelings about our hair.
Yes, its wild.
Yes, its out of control and big
Its our hair.